This list of commonly used and referenced terms will help you stay in the know about how to build a fun and rewarding business!

As a Consultant, you are considered Active and eligible for specific bonuses when you have at least 350 PV in the month.

Career Title
Your Career Title is your recognition title and does not change unless you are promoted to a new title or if you are an Ruby Executive Manager or higher and fail to qualify at your Career Title at least once within a rolling 12-month cycle.

Commissionable Volume (CV)

Commissionable Volume is equal to 75% of the Retail Price (not including tax) and is the volume on which commissions are paid, except the Customer Sales Bonus which is paid on the Retail Price. Some items, such as business tools, may not have a CV.

Consultant is a common term for anyone who has enrolled to participate in our compensation plan.

A Customer is someone who purchases our products for their personal use, is not enrolled as a Consultant, and does not hold a place in your downline.

All of the Consultants sponsored into your genealogy are considered to be part of your downline.

Downline Volume (DV)
Downline Volume is your organization’s total sales volume. It includes your Personal Volume as well as the sales volume from all of your downline Consultants and their customers.

When you introduce someone to Ring Bomb Party and they enroll as a Ring Bomb Party Consultant directly below you in your downline, you are considered to be their Enroller.

Genealogy is the hierarchical structure that each Consultant has a place in.

A Generation is a Group that has developed within your downline. A Generation starts with a Consultant whose Career Title is Ruby Executive Manager or higher and includes everyone in their downline, down to but not including the next Career Title Ruby Executive Manager or higher title.

A leg begins with a Consultant on your Level 1 and includes all of the Consultants beneath them. You have as many legs as you have first level Consultants.


The location a Consultant has in your downline in relation to you. The Consultants you sponsor are considered to be on your Level 1 and the Consultants sponsored by them are your Level 2, and so on.

Max Volume Rule (MVR)

For qualification purposes only, no more than 50% of your required Downline Volume may come from your Personal Volume or the sales from any single leg.

In order for you to be promoted to and be paid as an Opal Star Leader or higher title, you must have at least one consultant in your personal group that promotes up to Ruby Executive Manager, thereby becoming a new 1st Generation, every 12-month rolling period.

Paid-As Title
Your Paid-As Title is the title for which you qualify and are paid each month. Your Paid-As Title may be the same as or lower than your Career Title depending on your monthly qualifications.

Personal Group
Your Personal Group includes yourself and all of the Consultants in your downline, down to but not including the next Career Title Ruby Executive Manager or higher.

Personal Sponsor
The Consultant directly above you in your upline is considered to be your Personal Sponsor. You are the Personal Sponsor for all the Consultants on your first level.

Personal Volume (PV)

Your PV is the total sales volume (not including shipping and tax) from your orders. Some items, such as product samples and business tools, do not count toward PV.

Product Credit
You may earn product credits from the Fast Start Bonus and use them on all standard retail products, based on your consultant price, within 2 full months from when they were issued. When product credits are used on an order, the PV and CV of that order will be reduced.

Promote (Promotion)
When you meet the qualifications to be paid as a title higher than your current Career Title, you will “promote” to that higher title and your Career Title will be updated to reflect that new achievement.

You are “qualified” for a specific title or bonus when you fulfill all of the title and sales requirements specified.

Qualified Leg
A Qualified Leg is a leg that has at least one Consultant that meets a specific Paid-As Title (or higher) in that month. For example, to be paid as a Ruby Executive Manager, one of the requirements is to have at least two Peridot Executive Consultant legs. That means at least two of your legs must include a Consultant that is paid-as a Peridot Executive Consultant or higher in that month.

All of the Consultants above you in the genealogy are considered to be your upline.